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Importance of Psychological Interventions

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Psychological interventions help you by giving an opportunity to talk to a specially-trained health professional in order to understand your symptoms of anxiety depression, excessive stress & worry, addiction and other psychological problems, and in turn to help you adapt how you feel, think and act in response to them. When you are mentally healthy, you are able to live your lives to the fullest. Mental health strengthens and supports your ability to make good life choices, maintain healthy relationships, and to handle the ups and downs of life. Psychological Interventions are more important because:

• You play a role in the therapy yourself
Psychological treatments help you to understand why you feel, think and act in ways which are distressing and affect your life, and help to make changes towards them. This can be challenging but playing an important part in your own therapy is in itself empowering.

• Change takes time to happen
Psychological treatments do not work quickly, but over a period of months will help you to learn new ways of thinking, behaving and even feeling.

• Sometimes psychological interventions need to be combined with other treatments
Psychological treatments are often effective on their own for people with depression and anxiety disorders. Sometimes it is also useful to combine them with other treatments such as medication. For people, with psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, medicines along with psychological support is also needed. There are many types of psychological treatment which are proven to be effective. These may be provided individually, as part of a group, as a couple or even as a whole family – depending on the nature of the problem. Some common psychological treatments are - Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), Family interventions etc.

**Psychological treatments vary in the length of time they take to work. The benefits of psychological treatments often happen at a different rate for different individuals.

This service is not intended for suicidal or other emergencies that requires more immediate form of help. For people who are suicidal or know someone who have serious suicidal thoughts could:

• Call a local emergency service/helpline
• Contact a close friend or relative
Consult a psychiatrist or psychiatric department of a major hospital in your city

keeping in view the intense pressure and mental health issues being faced by today’s generation,

The reasons that people enter counselling are as diverse as the people who see treatment.

Psychological tests are part of the field of psychology known as psychometrics.

Psychological interventions help you by giving an opportunity to talk to a ..
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