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Child Behaviour Assessment

Attention !

Read the following checklist carefully and mark your answers in “YES” or “NO”

1. He/ She is not able to sit in one place, is always moving around or restless.
2. He/ she is often interrupting others games. Talk or break/ throws things frequently.
3. He/ she is very quarrelsome and or indulges in fights very frequently.
4. He/ she is stubborn
5. He / she disobeys teachers or/ and parents.
6. He/ she refuses going to school & stays back home for weeks or months.
7. His / her school performance is deteriorating.
8. He/ she has difficulty focusing/ maintain attention.
9. He/she has difficulty in reading/ writing/ arithmetic.
10. He/ she is very quite & reserved (talks very little even to family members).
11. He/ she always seem day dreamy.
12. He/ she has poor memory/ forgetful
13. He/ she complains of pains or aches
14. He/she has feeding problems like overeating, under eating or fussy eating habits.
15. He/ she complain of poor sleep/ disturbed sleep/ nightmares.
16. He/ she have a habit of Nail biting/lip biting/bed wetting etc.
17. He/she is cruel to animals.
18. He/ she indulge in lying and/ or cheating.
19. He/ she become very anxious before exams.
20. He/ she habits like sleep walking, sleep talking, teeth grinding.

If your child has three or more of the above mentioned symptoms, he/she might develop behavioural problems that can hinder his/her overall personality development. Do not ignore, your child might be in need of psychological intervention.

This service is not intended for suicidal or other emergencies that requires more immediate form of help. For people who are suicidal or know someone who have serious suicidal thoughts could:

• Call a local emergency service/helpline
• Contact a close friend or relative
Consult a psychiatrist or psychiatric department of a major hospital in your city

keeping in view the intense pressure and mental health issues being faced by today’s generation,

The reasons that people enter counselling are as diverse as the people who see treatment.

Psychological tests are part of the field of psychology known as psychometrics.

Psychological interventions help you by giving an opportunity to talk to a ..
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