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Are You an Addict ?

Attention !

Read the following checklist carefully and mark your answers in “YES” or “NO”

1. I take alcohol beverages (beer, wine, hard liquor etc.) four or more times in a week.
2. I can’t remember what I said or did a night before because I was drunk.
3. I am not able to carry out the responsibilities because of my drinking or drug usage.
4. I am more talkative or funny when I am drunk.
5. My daily routine is often disturbed because of my drinking / drug use.
6. I find it hard to stop drinking once I have started.
7. I often need an alcoholic drink first thing in the morning to get myself going after drinking heavily a night before.
8. I often feel guilty after drinking.
9. I have been injured/ met accidents after drinking.
10. I indulge in arguments/physical fights after being drunk.
11. I experience tremors in my hands/legs very often.
12. I have no appetite/ don’t feel like eating.
13. I take pain medicines without doctor’s prescription.
14. I use tobacco products (cigarettes, chewing tobacco etc.) in excessive quantity.
15. My family/ friends have left me because of my drinking/substance use (ganjha, bhang, inhalants etc.).
16. I have consulted a psychiatrist/psychologist/counsellor for quitting alcohol/ smoking/ sleeping pills/ inhalants etc.

If your answer to any of the above mentioned symptoms is “YES” and it is hindering your daily functioning, relationships, work or family, do not ignore. You might be in need of psychological intervention.

This service is not intended for suicidal or other emergencies that requires more immediate form of help. For people who are suicidal or know someone who have serious suicidal thoughts could:

• Call a local emergency service/helpline
• Contact a close friend or relative
Consult a psychiatrist or psychiatric department of a major hospital in your city

keeping in view the intense pressure and mental health issues being faced by today’s generation,

The reasons that people enter counselling are as diverse as the people who see treatment.

Psychological tests are part of the field of psychology known as psychometrics.

Psychological interventions help you by giving an opportunity to talk to a ..
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