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It is true that lifestyle have changed considerably in the past few decades. In a world full with both challenges and opportunities, life can be overwhelming and confounding at times. Often people get distracted off their path and experience feelings of being stuck. In such a situation, we all need someone who is willing to “listen”. There is definitely a vaccum in the area of emotional support that needs to be fulfilled in by all of us. In such circumstances, counselling could be an important way of helping, when emotional difficulties and life circumstances are affecting the ability to remain mentally healthy.

Thus, keeping in view the intense pressure and mental health issues being faced by today’s generation, we felt a great need for counselling services that are within reach of all. Keeping in mind the constraints of time and conveyance, we took an initiative to provide online counselling services through a platform that is easily approachable.

SASMITA can help people remember the strengths they have, identify the specific problems they are experiencing and determine the direction they need to take once they have identified the problems. Sasmita will help you explore personal issues in a respectful manner, provide guidance and be a non-judgemental listener. At Sasmita we offer a range of counselling services to help our clients gain a better understanding of their lives, and enhance their Quality of life leading to a HAPPY LIVING.


Of utmost importance for Sasmita is your privacy issues and keeping all information that you give us, strictly confidential. Whether online or in-person, your confidentiality is a priority for us. All communication with us is confidential and privileged in the same way as in traditional face to face counselling. We do not release any information that you have given us to anyone.
This service is not intended for suicidal or other emergencies that requires more immediate form of help. For people who are suicidal or know someone who have serious suicidal thoughts could:

• Call a local emergency service/helpline
• Contact a close friend or relative
Consult a psychiatrist or psychiatric department of a major hospital in your city

keeping in view the intense pressure and mental health issues being faced by today’s generation,

The reasons that people enter counselling are as diverse as the people who see treatment.

Psychological tests are part of the field of psychology known as psychometrics.

Psychological interventions help you by giving an opportunity to talk to a ..
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